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Goody Moves – Offerings

Goody Moves is more than a moving meditation……. IT’S A LIFESTYLE.


Know Thyself

Goody Moves will assist you in increasing energy levels, improving flexibility  promoting a joyful inner vibration and much more.

Goody Moves Workshop

Teacher Training

Enrol on our beautiful teacher training moving meditation 12 weeks accredited course and learn how to move into a healthier lifestyle.



Purchase your T-shirts Here

These are not just t-shirts.  They are inspirational gifts for you and your loved ones.  Beautifully created. 100% cotton

“Goody Moves is about deepening your relationship and  awareness with your breath, body mind and emotions.  Your body is a reflection of how you think, feel and move.  Your breath is a direct reflection of your state of consciousness.”

 Goody Moves Mentoring

Mentoring can facilitate personal and professional growth in many ways.  Mentoring can:

Develop your capacity to TRUST

Support, encourage and nurture you through change whilst having fun

Assist in developing increased awareness, well-being, self esteem & confidence

Identify where constructive action is needed and create a step by step action-plan and so much more..........


Soul Plan Readings

Connect within your sense of purpose and service for increased satisfaction

Enhance your spiritual connection and develop your intuitive abilities

Soul plan readings will assist you in reconnecting with your true life’s purpose and will align you with who you are at a deeper level of knowing.

A soul plan reading will help you to discover your greatest strengths and assist you in knowing how to overcome your life’s challenges.  It will point you in the direction of fulfillment

Goody Moves T-shirt’s

Featuring 10 physical movements & stretches

Top quality, beautifully designed, value for money t-shirts.  Made from 100 % cotton.  Long lasting prints that will not fade.

Plus a guidance booklet on meditation & deep breathing exercises.

Available in a variety of sizes & colours.  Medium, Large, X Large & XX Large


Blue T-shirt white print Woman

Client Feedback

One of the many things I love about Goody Moves is Rosemary’s gentle, non judgmental approach. Rosemary is naturally attentive to my sound & energy, even the most subtlest of details and always with love & laughter. Rosemary has gifted me with invaluable tools in achieving my highest potential.


March 2021 – London

Professional Pathways

Guidance You Can Trust

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