The Dharana Method® Certified Meditation Teacher Training, 100-hour Certification

The Dharana Method® Certified Meditation Teacher Training, 100-hour Certification

Why Meditate?

For the Truth of Being.

For the Truth of The Moment.

It dissolves the illusions that is projected on the Moment, on Others and onto Oneself and assists you in cultivating empathy and understanding about life which inspires one to perceive the universe and all that is within it as an integrated, interconnected whole… Oneness Being.

In truth meditation is not a practice … meditation is a state of Beingness.  Mindfulness is a process that can awaken one to one’s natural meditative state of Beingness which inspires one to Be the vibration of love, caring and sharing, see through the eyes of love, touch through the vibration of peace, feel through the vibration of Kindness, speak love and InJoY Life.

“Goody Moves Moving Meditation” is offering a meditation teacher training course called “The Dharana Method® Certified Meditation Teacher, 100-hour Certificate” that utilises the power of focus, or dhāraṇā (Sanskrit for single-pointed concentration, as explained in the 8 Limbs of Yoga), to help you to stop identifying with negative thoughts, and teach you how to feel at home in yourselves. Meditators who use this method will cultivate:

Mind-body balance




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This course is designed to develop and deepen your mindfulness practice, cultivate a deeper inner-love awareness within self by learning various forms of meditation, as well as their benefits and uses. Students will also learn to observe and correct their own emotions and habits, in order to help future clients with their expertise and compassion. Students also learn elements of a healthy, Ayurvedic lifestyle in order to coach clients, as well as to integrate these values into their own lives. Students will comprehensively grasp the concepts of mindfulness, mantras, affirmations, chakras, intentions and more, so that they are equipped to give future clients a breadth of tools for creating sustainable peace and happiness.

Become a Certified Meditation Teacher

100-HR, 200-HR & Combo, Now enrolling for January 2021

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