Trust Love 1st And Release Suffering

a woman meditating under a tree. Trust Love

I began to notice that the vitality was depleting from my legs and I sensed that it was time to fully trust love and release the suffering.

The pain caused me to look deeply at whether I was standing in my truth, walking in my truth and  Inner-joying the journey.


It compelled me to see and truly feel the imbalance that I was creating within me from holding onto the grief and the sorrow of loss for half of my lifetime.

As a person who loves to go on walking treks, dancing, skipping, moving meditations…playing…. and so much more… I was stunned into silence when the things that I loved became increasingly difficult to do.

Increasing Weight

The emotional weight rapidly turned into physical weight..

It truly felt like every aspect of my life needed re-calibration..

I was commanded into stillness, silence and solitude.

My state of health brought me my

greatest lesson…

…… The Path Of The Healer Trust Love

My Soul Is Evolving and I could no longer hold onto what was…

I could no longer bear the weight of other peoples expectations and opinions.

Over twenty years ago

“Goody Moves Moving Meditation”

was birthed to assist me to move into a healthier lifestyle, helping others along the way …….

…. and it is Now more than ever that I recognise the power and potency of Goody Moves Moving Meditation in re-balancing my mind, body and soul/spirit…

My Goody Speaks and I Am Listening…

It’s Now ! Go Deeper….

I heard it from within…

“Trust Love, It will Show You Clearly”

The Foundations – Creates The Benefits

One Of the corner stones within the practice of Goody Moves is the Power Of The Transformative Breath.

The transformative breath holds incredible power in unlocking our inner potential and facilitating personal transformation. Through conscious and intentional breathing practices, we can tap into profound states of relaxation, release emotional blockages, and cultivate a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us…. and so much more. I will dedicate a blog post series to speak about this. This is something to experience.

Intuitive Vision, Womb Power and Heart Connection

Intuitive Vision: Intuitive vision is the second corner stone and it allows us to perceive beyond the limitations of our physical senses, tapping into a deeper knowing and understanding of ourselves and the world. It opens doors to insights, creativity, and guidance, guiding us on a path of clarity and purpose.

Womb Power and Heart Connection: Womb power represents the innate wisdom and creative energy within the sacred space of the womb, connecting us to our feminine essence and intuition. It is the third corner stone. When combined with heart connection, it forms a powerful union, allowing us to embrace our authentic selves, navigate life with compassion, and cultivate deep connections with others. It is a transformative force that nurtures our emotional well-being and empowers us to live wholeheartedly.

The Power Of Unconditional Love

The Fourth Cornerstone.

Unconditional love is a profound and limitless form of love that transcends judgment, expectations, and conditions. It is a love that accepts and embraces others for who they are, without seeking to change or control them. Trust Love And Release Suffering is the KEY. The one major learning curve that was so needed, was the de-colonsing of my mind. It did not happen over night and it was not always pretty. Yet it was all worth it. From time to time we all need a little guidance and a sprinkle of magic. That magic is called “Willingness to change”

How you can work with me! – Trust Love

Here, is where you can find out the benefits of a moving meditation and how it can help your to move into a healthier lifestyle. To learn more about moving meditations,

Here. is where you can book your consultation with me.

Goody Moves will be hosting a free 5-Day Trust Love Moving Meditation that will help you to re-connect with your inner energy for health and well-being. The dates and times will be posted by the end of April 2024. If you desire to find out more about this offering before then, you are welcome to book your consultation. In the meantime, follow me on Meta (formally known as Facebook) to keep in touch and be alerted to our upcoming events.

Rosemary Roberts

Rosemary has been developing and practicing her moving meditation teacher training program since 2000 and in 2017 transitioned into teaching it as part of her therapeutic somatic practice for women.  Rosemary is passionate about self mastery through self responsibility.

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