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Time T0 Listen To The Stirrings Inside

by | 22 Jun 2021

Written By Rosemary Roberts

Rosemary, is one of the founders and lead facilitator for "Goody Moves" Moving Meditation & Lifestyle. We help women and men let go of fear, release stress and tension and move into a healthier lifestyle. Love Awareness Is The Foundation.


“Why would we listen to all the noise outside of ourselves more than we listen to the whispers of true love healing that emerges from within our consciousness?”

As I listened to the beautiful sounds of birds singing that greeted a new day under the rising of the sun, I asked this question within my silent inner space.

Their beautiful sounds stirred my inner vibration and I felt the waves of love surge through my body, touching consciousness with a gift of Thee Moment.

I feel my orgasmic nature rise, and I allowed for it. Smiling into the moment, I heard the answer.

“It is because you do not trust who and what you are…you feel afraid of truly seeing, hearing and feeling. You feel that you are not enough”

” All that is needed, is for you to enter within, free from judgment and openly curious as a youthful child and you will discern the more.”

“If you are willing to Let Go, Love will flow through you freely without any resistance”

I smiled within the hearing of true wisdom and leaned within a little more.

The beautiful singing birds were teaching me ….. They teach me how to truly listen to the song birds, singing from within my heart.

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