The Dharana Method Certified Meditation Teacher Training Level 1

The Dharana Method Certified Meditation Teacher Training Level 1

Being at Peace With Ease

Want to change your career?

Or simply develop a deep and dedicated meditation practice?

Or even just get some Continuing Education Credits with Yoga Alliance?

We feel that EVERYONE can benefit from an education in meditation.

Is it time to take an ACTION toward MANIFESTING your best life?

This convenient, 12-week on-line course is the most comprehensive and affordable meditation certificate currently available to teachers, anywhere. This course will encourage and develop your innate ability to cultivate your own inner peace, wisdom, focus, and connection to Source.

Each week, a one-hour module will be emailed to you, along with any handouts and reading suggestions. Students will complete a meditation journal, Weekly homework activities as well as get hands-on experience teaching meditation.

The Dharana Method taught in this course includes many forms of meditation, including mantra, walking, visual and sound meditation – just to name a few! It’s perfect for mainstream environments like schools and corporations as well as one to one, or any wholistic centres and or practices.


Students will develop a regular meditation practice; learning various forms of meditation, as well as their benefits and uses. Students will be able to recite meditation history, including prominent gurus and their teachings.

Students will also learn to observe and heal their own negative emotions and habits, in order to help future clients with theirs. Students will then learn elements of a healthy, low-stress lifestyle in order to coach clients, as well as implement them in their own lives.

Students will also learn mantras, chakras and tenets of Ayurveda so that they may be able to give future clients comprehensive tools for sustainable peace and happiness.


This Course Satisfies 13 Contact Hours, 87 Non-Contact Hours, of your Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Requirements! Canadian and USA


Spring Semester runs Monday 25th March 2019 – Monday 10th June 2019

We will have minimum 2 live Q&A’s classes via Zoom Meeting throughout the semester.  Each live session will be recorded and will be made available to you.



Early bird discount: £677.00

To sign up or ask questions, please email your contact info to Rosemary Roberts:

Peace and Love

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