Spiritual Trauma Recovery

For Clinical Professionals

I help women embody & maintain their healing energy whilst working with people who live with trauma.


Are you feeling overwhelmed by your experiences when working with your clients who are suffering from traumatic experiences?

“Co-Founder & Lead Trainer of “Goody Moves” Inner Awareness Moving Meditations, Energy Medicine Facilitator & Meditation Teacher Trainer CMT – RYT

Rosemary Roberts Holistic Therapist

Goody Moves Energy Medicine Workshop

One To One & Group

You will learn how to embrace  & cultivate your unique healing energy and release unhealthy energy from the inside out


Goody Moves Energy Medicine Workshop

Teacher Training

Enrol on this beautiful certified & accredited course and train to deliver moving meditations for your colleagues & clients

Goody Moves Workshop

Goody Moves Radical Self Care

1 Week Workshop

For those who desire to transform their lives from a deeply intimate level, releasing unhealthy habits



Every one of us experience some level of stress and or trauma, however those who work with people who are experiencing trauma on an every day basis, often experience an overwhelming level of stress as a result of facilitating others.  Over time this can develop into a variety of unhealthy behavioural habits as a form of coping mechanism.


The good news is, that there is an easy and fun way to release the excess energy and stagnancy accumulated on an every day basis whilst working with children and adults who suffer with trauma.  Infact, in every area of life.  Minimum people in a group sesions is 2. The  maxiumum people in a group = 8.  Book a session and let me show you how.

Rosemary Roberts

“Spiritual Trauma Release” sessions can be booked for the individual or for group/team sessions.  You can book one session or a 4 week workshop suitable for those who desire to explore deeper.

I’d Love to Help

I Have Experience With…

Children & young adults



Special Educational Needs

Therapeutic Communication

I help women who require a safe and confidential container to express their feelings and thought forms without judgement or unhealthy consequences.  Together we will unravel the overwhelming overload of supressed emotions and give you the tools of loving self talk to easily dissolve in the moment emotions that arise in any situation.

Goody Moves Moving Meditation

A Daily Goody Moves Practice will assist in  gathering, storing, cleansing, strengthening, and circulating the vital energy within the body. leading to better health and vitality, a tranquil state of mind and higher self-awareness.

Soul Plan Readings & Soul Clearing

A soul life plan reading will provide you with insights into why your life has been the way it has been, and it will give you insights and guidance into your soul destiny and highlight your talents and spiritual gifts that will enable you to create the life you truly desire to live. Step by step and day by day.

Universal Life - Force Healing

You will receive weekly Universal Life Force Healing Meditations to cut and clear any stangant energy and you will also be shown how to do this for yourself.

You will experience deep relaxation

You will awaken your inner self healing abilities

You will cultivate a deeper connection with life

7 Day Radical self Care Experience

How often do you pay attention to the communications and the wisdom that your body expresses in every moment and everyday?  Your body is your Sacred Temple…. Do you treat your body with love and gratitude in all that you do?

I have cultivated a personal practice of Inner Love Moving Meditation, Singing and Chanting for more than 20 years whilst facilitating “Embracing Your True Expression” workshops for children and adults.

Founder and Lead trainer for “Goody Moves” Inner Love Moving Meditation. Experienced and Qualified Meditation Teacher and Teacher Training 200-hour Certificate Facilitator. Reiki Master

I hold a Post Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Communication with children and adults coupled with a UK-awarded Level 3 Diploma in Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning

Experienced and Qualified Yoga Teacher and Teacher Training 200-hour Certificate Facilitator. Certified Soul Plan Readings Practitioner & Universal Life Force Master. LOVE Awareness Journal writing

I hold an accredited and approved Teaching Provider status with the International Practitioner Of Holistic Medicine

My Approach & Philosophy

What  and why I do what I do

A daily Goody Moves, Moving Meditation practice will help you in understanding & experiencing how to access your own life – force energy for self-healing
You will learn how to release excess and or stagnant energy from within your body/mind and experience how to cultivate and maintain a vibrant energy flow within.
You will begin to understand and experience the power of the breath in cleansing, clearing and reprogramming the mind, body, nervous system and so much more.

“Mindful Movement” is an excellent way of reaching the unspoken spaces and allowing them to be gently brought to the surface for understanding and transformation.

You will receive a FREE “Moving Into A Healthier Lifestyle” Workbook Journal when you book onto our 4 Week Spiritual Trauma Release Workshop

Client Feedback

One of the many things I love about Goody Moves is Rosemary’s gentle, non judgmental approach.  Rosemary is naturally attentive to my sound & energy, even the most subtlest of details and always with love & laughter.  Rosemary has gifted me with invaluable tools in achieving my highest potential.  With Goody Moves my physical flexibility continues to improve and my energy levels have increased.  I am more intune with my Goody without aversion or judgement.


March 2021 – London

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