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Shaking Practice

Energise Your Life

Energise Your Life

Every one of us experience some level of stress and or trauma, however those who work with people who are experiencing trauma on an every day basis, often experience an overwhelming level of stress as a result of facilitating others.  Over time this can develop into a variety of unhealthy behavioural habits as a form of coping mechanism.

The good news is, that there is a easy and fun way to release the excess energy and stagnancy accumulated on an every day basis whilst working with children and adults who suffer with trauma.  Infact, “Shake It Off” can assist  EVERYONE.

“Stress management is a vital aspect of our overall health & wellbeing”

Rosemary. October 2020

“How this can  benefit  you”

This shaking practice can assist in the easing of an overstimulated nervous system and makes space for your body to calm down.  Therapeutic shaking can activate fresh vibrant energy within your body and enduce “feel good” hormones that influnces the overall mental and emotional states of being, from sluggishness to feeling energised… and so much more.

Safety  whilst  practicing

Even though this is a relativitly simple practice it will have a profound impact upon you on all levels.  For beginners, I reccommend that you practice for about 1 minute and gradually increase to 5 minutes or more. If you are suffering from any body limitations, please take great care when practicing this. Be gentle and implement a self care approach.  Have Fun.

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