Sacred Space and Spiritual Cleansing Day 2

Sacred Space Altar

Reviewing Day 1

Sacred Space is much more than a physical space and creating sacred space is an aspect of my being prepared for my healing journey.

We explored how preparation is the key to my ability to remain focused and committed on this 90 Day healing journey. We also looked at preparation as a holistic act of love and that being prepared is not just about physical preparation, it is also about being emotionally, mentally and spiritually prepared.

Responding To The Stirrings Of My Soul

During day 1’s Radical Self-care Journaling and meditations, I received with crystal clarity a message from within. “Stop! Before you continue with your self-assessment and Inquiry, Clear and Cleanse your physical space.” 

This reminded me of the days when the elders would begin significant journeys with a spiritual clear and cleanse, chanting and spiritual dancing, prayers and invocations. These clearings and cleansings were to be performed internally and externally.

I realised that my DNA was speaking and guiding me to my very next step and in response, creating a sacred space, clearing, and cleansing magically became day 2’s intuitive Intention.

 Day 2’s Challenge and How I Overcame It

Before I even began this task, I was already feeling overwhelmed. The physical issues that I have been facing was beginning to make me doubt my capabilities.

Then I realised, that all of the concerns that I was experiencing was based on lack and not on the facts. Even though I am experiencing some challenges, it did not mean that I would allow them to overcome me and no one ever said that Rome was built in a day.

All that I needed to do was to do a little at a time, rest well and go again without worrying about any time scale. The solution is simply to slow down. Every small step creates big changes.

What Was I Really Avoiding:

At first glance, I was avoiding feeling the pain by over exertion, but the ironic thing is that the pain did not stop highlighting itself and it penetrated clean through the avoidance. Until, I had to stop and ask… “What are you showing me?”

What was revealed did not really come as a surprise, I was not in complete alignment with my soul’s direction, and there were emotions that needed to be felt and let go of. The number one thing that became clear was that it was time to feel the pain without avoiding what the pain is here teach me.

Sacred Space and Spiritual Cleaning

Letting Go

I made the decision to let go of the excess emotions, thoughts and regrets that I have been carrying around with me like an over-packed suitcase that was slowly weighing me down and robbing me of my vitality.

I Am the Sacred Space and my vibration is Spiritually Cleansing everything and everyone I commune with; this is the real truth and it is this that I carry in my beautifully organised energetical suitcase – my innate value.

I make the space for this, by cleansing my awareness with the Spirit of True Love. I simply let go, without needing to know what the next step is. Breathing fully and freely is enough.

Magnetic Presence

Intuitively, I knew just what was required to energetically clear and cleanse. The beautiful thing is that I did not have to do anything. It was all in my Being. I first decided to clear my bedroom as this is the most intimate space, just like the intimacy of my own heart.

I got myself into a comfortable seating and allowed myself to relax. The more I breathed in the peace and exhaled the love, is the more I relaxed into my magnetic presence and this right here is the energy of healing. The atmosphere within my room lifted just as I felt the lift within me. Feeling lighter and more radiant, energised and refreshed, the externally clearing and cleansing begun.

Another fabulous point to express about the benefits of creating sacred space is, wherever you meditate in a consistent way, the energy generate through your meditation infuses peaceful energy within the atmosphere in your sacred space area. You may find that just entering that space you will automatically shift into a inner space of peace, effortlessly.

Spiritual Cleansing

Spiritual cleansing is a process aimed at clearing negative energy and blockages from a person’s mind, body, environment and spirit. It is believed that spiritual cleansing can lead to a sense of renewal, increased well-being, and a deeper connection to one’s spiritual self.

There are numerous ways to perform a spiritual cleanse.  I have highlighted a few here so that you can a clearer picture of what a spiritual cleanse can look like.

Meditation and Breath Awareness Techniques: helps cultivate inner peace and awareness, allowing for the identification and release of negative thoughts and emotions.

Mindfulness: Mindfulness practices focus on being present in the moment, which can help detach from negativity and cultivate a sense of calm.

Prayer and Chanting: Prayer and Chanting are powerful tools for some in connecting with a higher power and releasing burdens.

Journaling: Journaling allows for self-reflection and processing of emotions, helping to clear negativity and gain clarity.

Space Clearing: Practices like smudging with sage or using crystals are believed to cleanse a physical space of negative energy.

Dietary Changes: Some cleansing practices incorporate dietary changes, such as fasting or eliminating certain foods, with the belief it promotes physical and spiritual detoxification.

Day 2 Insight Acknowledged

Let all intentions, choices and actions flow from the sense of being in alignment with my indwelling spirit – Presence.

I Be because I AM.

Rosemary Roberts

Rosemary has been developing and practicing her moving meditation teacher training program since 2000 and in 2017 transitioned into teaching it as part of her therapeutic somatic practice for women.  Rosemary is passionate about self mastery through self responsibility.

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