Goody Moves Practice For Men

One To One

These sessions are for men and will be held online or face to face depending upon your location.  You can book your session as and when you desire or book 4 sessions in advance.  Schedule your consultation and let’s get started!

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“Moving Meditations can release your mind from excessive thinking that’s not always helpful”

Man moving meditating

Benefits Of A Daily Goody Moves Practice For Men

It’s Uplifting

Goody Moves is a practice that integrates and harmonises your mind, body and spirit through movements, breath awareness and strengthening your life-force energy.  Allowing openess and flexibilty to keep your vital and thriving as you mature.

Over Time A Moving Meditation May Help You:


Reduce stress, brings balance to your energy centres

Releases emotional and physical stagnation

Relaxes the mind, muscles, tendons, joints and organs

Improves posture, balance, flexibility

Enhances lung capacity and circulation

Develops inner strength, stamina and vitality