My Special Guest

Kai Henderson

Known as “The Legacy Creator

I help spiritual leaders and changemakers create systems for celebrity-style visibility, increased performance, and consistent impact.

Elevate Your Reality Trailer

by Rosemary Roberts | Goody Moves Podcast

Kai Henderson Special Guest Speaker Hero

“Blending my extensive background in multi-disciplinary design and public relations to empower individuals through transformative journeys of visibility and personal branding.”

My Bio:

As the architect of the “Be Your Own Publicist” training and co-steward of the “Our Daily Magic” brand with my husband, I embody M.A.G.I.C. (Miracles And Grace In Co-creation).

“To the One who is reading this, “I believe in you.  You are magic.”

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“I am committed to raising the consciousness of the planet, redefining leadership across all fields, and guiding people to manifest their inspired visions into reality.

Also, I enjoy creating, art, conscious living, reading, and traveling, and I’m known for my infectious laugh.” 😊

“Moving Meditations can release your mind from excessive thinking that’s not always helpful”