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My Goody Was Speaking To Me

Back then, I could feel the tension within my body, every day and all of the time, well at least, that’s what it had felt like.  I couldn’t remember when I last felt a great sense of ease within my physicality. Moving Into A Healthier Lifestyle was the only option for me.

I noticed my flexibility was limiting as if I was a 90 years young older woman… and I wondered… “This isn’t right, I’m not ready to be moving like this, especially because I felt so youthful in my heart.

All of my life I’ve been a sporty, energetic type of person with a passion for going on long walks in nature.  “My wake-up call” came knocking hard on my door when I felt that I was not able to go for walks without excruciating pain and weakness.

Yet, the truth is, that this was not an overnight occurrence.  I’ve been ignoring the signs for years , not deeply honouring the communication of my body, until I no longer was able to walk with joy…. and then…. I LISTENED.

Journey with me, as I communicate my path towards “Moving Into A Healthier Lifestyle”.

Goody Moves – Moving Meditation

Over 20 years ago Goody Moves – Moving Meditation, birthed itself into my life. Goody Moves is a practice that integrates slow physical movements, breathing techniques, focused intention and meditation to gather, store, cleanse, strengthen, and circulate the vital energy within the body.  

Goody Moves is much more than just exercise it is a way of being where awareness and your Goody (Body) become unified. Where life itself finds its full expression within you.

Yet it is a journey, from forgetting to remembering who we truly are beyond the conditions and limitations we attach to ourselves.

Goody Moves offers a one to one or group moving meditation practice. To learn more and experience how to access your internal life force energy, book your one to one session HERE.

Holistically Being

Goody Moves invites us to look at ourselves holistically. It inspires us to become deeply intimate with our physicality, our emotional self, our mental field and our spiritual awareness as one unified whole.

Moving Into A Healthier Lifestyle encourages us to integrate all aspects of ourselves to bring about a sense of balance and harmony between our body, heart/soul and spirit. It truly is a path for the brave of heart.

It is so common for us to neglect areas of our life for all sorts of reasons and yet all that we truly desire to feel is our whole integrated self in love with life and enjoying our experiences.

After recognising areas of neglection within my own life. I experienced a deep sense of grief that required loving attentive attention.

At some point of caring for others, I actually forgot about caring for me. It was not effective enough to just exercise my body. My mind and emotional senses all required transformation.

Now that the grief and the pain had become deeply rooted within my physical body, gentleness, understanding and compassion became the medicine. Read “My Healing Journey”

It was at this point in my life that I had to make the most loving decision and that was to suspend offering Goody Moves Moving Meditation Classes, so that I could restore, revitalise and regenerate my own life force energy through living my intentional Goody Moves Lifestyle.

Intentions For Moving Into A Healthier Lifestyle

Now that I had allowed myself to fully feel and explore the cause of the pain that I was feeling. Living intentionally was the insight I received that would assist me in bringing myself into balance and harmony.

There was no more time to waste by focusing solely on the pain, as it would only result in more pain. It was the time to focus on how I would bring myself into alignment and move within ease and grace instead of fear, pain and sorrow.

After joining my Meditation Coach Teacher Training Course, I made the intention that by the end of the 12 week programme I will be more flexible, my vitality will be enhanced and I will be able to resume teaching Goody Moves – Moving Into A Healthier Lifestyle, one to one or in a group setting.

If you would like to experience a free guided meditation every month, you are welcome to join my free “Goody Moves Subscriber Hub

Next time we will explore Inner Listening while moving into a healthier lifestyle.

Rosemary Roberts

Rosemary has been developing and practicing her moving meditation teacher training program since 2000 and in 2017 transitioned into teaching it as part of her therapeutic somatic practice for women.  Rosemary is passionate about self mastery through self responsibility.

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