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“Once I decided to let go of  fear…

Joy Blossomed”

Life Is Beautiful

I am deeply passionate about Energy Vibration.  Especially when it comes to the energy that I am cultivating within myself and emanating out into the world.  Whatever i’m choosing to be, how i’m choosing to show up in my life and how I relate to everyone and everything….. Is…. ENERGY VIBRATION.  Over the years I’ve come to recognise just how much my way of thinking and my feelings have deeply influenced my choices, actions…………. Everything.

Without a doubt, I can now say, Once I had returned to my original vibration, of JOY ! my whole experience of life shifted from the state of fear to the state of ABUNDANCE….. and the secret is….


Life is beautiful when you allow yourself to love and be loved.  GET IN TOUCH, I would love to hear from you and share ways to bring more joy. 

Inspired By Joy

As a child, it was the joy in me that invited me to see the world through the eyes of love and beauty. It was joy that made my heart sing.

I also came to recognise at that early age that not everyone around me was experiencing this youthful expression.

It was after experiencing so much harsh interactions with the people around me that I noticed that the joy within me was being supressed by guilt, shame & fear.

I was afraid of being ME…. JOYFUL…. And this had a huge impact upon my body, mind, my beautiful singing voice and my soul’s true expression.

The more harshness I endured the more I felt restricted within my physical body and my feminine energy was slowly weakening.  Iretreated into isolation for a very long time.  The one thing that helped me through and healed my aching heart was my love for singing.

Through, pain, sorrow, joy & happiness, I sang. EVERYWHERE and ALL of the Time.

I craved alone time, because it was here that I could tune into my wholeness and feel the energy of love surge through me.

My pain became my Gifts.

After meeting my partner, we became inspired by love to create the emotional & mental space for our creative life force energy to regain its vibrancy.  Goody Moves was birthed through this union and intention.

Gifted with the ability to feel the vibration of a person’s soul expression through the quality of their sound and their movements and the ability to see others as they really are and not through their conditioned personality developed my passion in assisting others to experience the joy of being in love with life and shining and sharing their light into the world.

I have cultivated a personal practice of Inner Love Moving Meditation, Singing and Chanting for more than 20 years whilst facilitating “Embracing Your True Expression” workshops for children and adults.

Founder and Lead trainer for “Goody Moves” Inner Love Moving Meditation. Experienced and Qualified Meditation Teacher and Teacher Training 200-hour Certificate Facilitator. Reiki Master

I hold a Post Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Communication with children and adults coupled with a UK-awarded Level 3 Diploma in Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning

Experienced and Qualified Yoga Teacher and Teacher Training 200-hour Certificate Facilitator. Certified Soul Plan Readings Practitioner & Universal Life Force Master. LOVE Awareness Journal writing

I hold an accredited and approved Teaching Provider status with the International Practitioner Of Holistic Medicine

Sharing Is Caring

Suffering for many years with chronic inflamation, it was a special form of moving meditation that I expereinced a great release.  I am now able to manage painful episodes with my Goody Moves Practice along with living a holistic lifestyle.  My experience is a testament to what I offer to you.

Down To Earth Practice

Intuitive Guidance

Easy to Implement into your life

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“I never felt that I would be able to move into a healthier lifestyle, but with Rosemary’s tenderness & step by step  healing guidance, I am now free of the unhealthy habits that where limiting my creativity.”

Sara. February 2021

Goody Moves Meditation

Know Thyself

Move into a healthier lifestyle by learning how to honour your presence and your body through the practice of ” Goody Moves “

Soul Plan

Soul Destiny

Your name contains secrets that reveals many aspects relating to your soul’s destiny.  Let me help you unlock those secrets

How we can work together

Goody Moves can nourish and nurture your transformation

Goody Moves

One To One

We offer bespoke 1 : Goody Moves, One to One sessions delivered face to face, where available or online.

Goody Moves

Group Workshops

Book on one of our group workshops. Delivered face to face and online

Client Feedback

Rosemary holds a solid container for you to experience yourself through moving, still and sensual meditations – remotely & in person. Through her Goody Moves practice, I have learned to honour more deeply the language, wisdom and power of my body – and the soul that it is home to. I’ve been working and connecting with Rosie for over three years now, in different ways, and she has offered me so much embodied intelligence and beauty! I appreciate her capacity to create a wide permission for play, to be wild, to allow the darkness, and to embody the sacred – all at the same time. Rosie is an absolutely DELICIOUS human being and I whole-bodily recommend working with her. IT’S REAL IT’S DEEP IT’S HERE. If you are a woman, her sensual awakening through Yoni Breathing practices are to die for. Big respect Rosie, loving you tenderly and wildly X


August 2020 – London

Goody Moves T-shirt’s

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Plus a guidance booklet on meditation & deep breathing exercises.

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