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Inner Peace

Embrace the beauty of your inner world! Whilst engaging with the outer world.

I’m so happy that you have downloaded our “Inner Peace” meditation guidance free bonus.

You may be a beginner to meditation, or you may be a seasoned meditator.  Wherever you are in your journey this mini meditation session  is designed for YOU.

What is it that you desire to feel? What do you desire to let go of? Whatever it is, decide what it is. Envision it. Feel it as if it is already present within you. Then allow yourself to do the practice with a free, clear mind.

Keeping It simple
This meditation is best practiced lying down in as much comfort as you are able to give yourself. Switch off from all distractions for a moment and all that is needed is your awareness and your active breath.

Most of all. I hope you ENJOY.

Inner Peace Image