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Goody Moves is more than a moving meditation……. IT’S A LIFESTYLE.

It’s lovely to meet you.

My deepest passion is to assist you in stepping into your greatness by nurturing your self-healing ability.

One of the first ways we can do this is through a “Light Me Up” Consultation that I refer to as a discovery session and a soul plan reading, which will also include a soul clearing meditation.  A Goody Moves session is the perfect follow on from the soul plan reading it is designed to assist you in clearing stagnant energy and elevating your life-force healing energy, connecting you to the power within you.



Book your discovery call.  This is an essential first step when working with me

Soul Plan


Discover your unique strengths, talents and gifts needed to transform your challenges

Goody Moves Meditation


Goody Moves will help you to connect you to your healing life-force energy for self healing

Heal Thyself

I have no doubt that what you seek to find in order to experience true fulfillment is all within you and all that is needed is your awareness, your devotion and your willingness to embrace, explore and embody your true self-expression.

Once you begin to understand yourselves you are able to awaken and activate your latent potential that has been awaiting for your embrace.

A soul plan session is for those who desire to connect with their life/soul purpose.  A soul plan reading will provide you with information relating to your challenges, strengths, goals, potential and higher purpose.

A soul life plan reading will provide you with insights into why your life has been the way it has been, and it will give you insights and guidance into your soul destiny and highlight your talents and 

spiritual gifts that will enable you to create the life you truly desire to live. Step by step and day by day.

Goody Moves – Moving Meditation Practice and Soul Transformation Therapeutic Mentoring

Is my signature service.  It is a practice that integrates slow physical movements, breathing techniques, focused intention and meditation to gather, store, cleanse, strengthen, and

 circulate the vital energy within the body, and so much more…..  To, “Know Thyself” is the heart of this practice & lifestyle.

I also offer a variety of energy medicine techniques such as,

  • Universal Life-force healing
  • 7 Day Radical Self Care Experience
  • Certified Goody Moves Teacher Training 12 weeks Moving Meditation Course

Goody Moves T-shirt’s

Featuring 10 physical movements & stretches

Top quality, beautifully designed, value for money t-shirts.  Made from 100 % cotton.  Long lasting prints that will not fade.

Plus a guidance booklet on meditation & deep breathing exercises.

Available in a variety of sizes & colours.  Medium, Large, X Large & XX Large


Blue T-shirt white print Woman

Client Feedback

One of the many things I love about Goody Moves is Rosemary’s gentle, non judgmental approach. Rosemary is naturally attentive to my sound & energy, even the most subtlest of details and always with love & laughter. Rosemary has gifted me with invaluable tools in achieving my highest potential.


March 2021 – London

How We Can Work Together

Goody Moves Can Nourish & Nurture Your Transformation

Goody Moves

One To One

We offer bespoke 1 : 1 mentorships and love guidance services, delivered face to face, online and via telephone sessions

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