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Harmony Within

You Are Invited To “7 Days Of Inner Loving”.

Experience Your Own Energy Medicine And Begin To Recalibrate Your Own Nervous System For A Deeper Experience Of  The Power Within You.

Date: Friday 7th July 2022

7 Days Of Love

Can you imagine how you would feel and what your life would be like if you had a greater awareness of what it truly feels like to be YOU?

Energy Medicine has the ability and the capacity to awaken your awareness to a deeper sense of knowing YOU.

Within these 7 days we will reconnect to are own unique energy through our breath, awareness and subtle Goody Movements and discover ways in which to maintain our heightened sense of self.

What You Will Need

Work Together She

Sacred Space

For this sacred work you will need a yoga mat or exercise mat, cushions, a warm small blanket, water to keep hydrated and your pen & journal.

Create beauty in your chosen space, inscence, essential oils or smudge sticks highly reccommended.  A candle for the 7 days if available, blue is the colour of my choice.  Access to a full length mirror if possible and warm, loose comfortable clothing.

How We Will Engage

I will post each day’s activities in the Face Book group and we will meet via Zoom through a invite only link.  For the Zoom  Workshops you will need to set aside 1 hour.

1 to 1 Goody Moves

Your Investment


is the  investment for these 7 days.

You May Pay Via The Link Below.

Once we receive your payment you will receive an email detailing the dates and times of the event, including, your Face Book Group & Zoom Meeting Link.

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Hi, Lovely To Meet You

I am one of the co-founders and the lead trainer of a Moving Meditation Practice called “Goody Moves,”

I help women understand and embrace the magic and the healing capacity of their internal power – “The Inner Healer.”

Joyful Woman