Get Your Grounding And Expansion Guided Meditation!

“The more grounded you are the more you will feel safe and secure within”

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“Self-care becomes easier to embody when you feel deeply grounded”

What You Will Get From Using This Guided Meditation

Cultivate Your Sense Of Feeling Grounded Within

The Awareness Of Letting Go To Let Your Energy Freely Flow

Feel The Freedom To Let Your Inner Light Shine

“When you feel grounded and rooted Your life purpose will become more clearer”

The Benefits Of Inner Grounding And Expansion!

Imagine feeling centered and connected, like a tree with strong roots, the benefits might include reduced stress, increased self-awareness, and a sense of calm.

Imagine yourself growing and exploring your full potential like a tree reaching towards the sun, its branches reaching outwards. The benefits might include increased creativity, a sense of purpose, and a willingness to step outside your comfort zone.

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Kind Words From My Clients

“Thank you Rosemary Roberts I’m loving my goody moves t shirt and guidebook beautifully presented with special details quick delivery it feels great on love this colour I wear it with honour and feel the blessings you place upon it

Marlon Patterson

I have received so much joy from journeying with Rosemary and Goody Moves.  It has been such a life changing transformative journey that I am willing to continue to unfold my Inner beauty and my true self expression, I love her.

Carmin Wilkinson

Rosie’s Yoni Breathing rituals make me feel held by Life. She creates a safe container in which I am free to meet all of myself, as I am. Through her work, I have come to see how all of life can be an erotic expression of essential, creative life force.

Sophie Marsh