Expand Your Reality Podcast Show 1st Event

Expand Your Reality Podcast Show Event

Uncovering the magic that already exists in your everyday life!

Unleash the Magic Within: Expand Your Reality.

We keep on hearing. “It’s All Within” yet how many of you reading this, actually know what this means?

Internal Critic

Nope, I am not referring to the inner critical chatter that occurs from your doubts, fears and limitations.

However, what I would love to say is that your internal critic can be transformed into your Internal Cheerleader – Your Inner Guru.

Inner Presence

Yes, This is it. The aspect of you that is fearless and magical – Your very own personal unique inner guru and Divine Manifestor. Your Divine Essence awakened and honoured by you! (Look out for my blog post, soon to come, where we will explore how to embody and honour your Inner Presence.)

Be Your Own Authority

Most of us was taught to seek external validation and answers about something that can only be answered from within you.

Yes, external guidance can be useful, yet, ultimately the answer, the motivation and intuitive inspiration can only accessed from within to Expand Your Reality.

What would your world look and feel like if you were your own authority over every aspect of your life?

Would you continue to hide in the shade where you cannot be seen? Or would you shine like the bright shining sun?

We are beings that are filled with seeds of pure potential and possibilities of what can be created into physical reality. What is needed is for us to first CHOOSE! This is just one of our everyday magical gifts that we get to use for our growth and fulfillment. The Power Of Choice.

Why I Have Created Expand Your Reality Podcast Show

The truth is really very simple. I just love to share the joy of being free to live a life of love, magic and wander. To share meaningful guidance wherever needed to assist others to reclaim their joy through transformative possibilities.

To encourage others to remember that they can lift out of depressive states of being and shine through their magnificence and creativity!

I can imagine a world filled with joyful people who have discovered their inner magical self and creative expression and they share it in love just because.

To experience a world filled with people that are vibrating as love, truly inspires me. To be of service to this, is my joy.



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I am so excited to introduce Expand Your Reality” Podcast Show” created for your inspiration and expansion.

Expand Your Reality

Join us on a journey of mindfulness, personal development, and holistic health. Discover insights and tools to elevate your awareness and transform your life and your soul-aligned business

My special guest: Kaí Henderson – “The Legacy Creator”

I have collaborated with Kai on many exciting projects and I have always experienced the REAL MAGIC that co-creating with Kai brings. Kai is a rare gift to our world.

Read Her Bio:

“I am Kai Henderson, known as “The Legacy Creator,” blending my extensive background in multi-disciplinary design and public relations to empower individuals through transformative journeys of visibility and personal branding.

I help spiritual leaders and changemakers create systems for celebrity-style visibility, increased performance, and consistent impact.

As the architect of the “Be Your Own Publicist” training and co-steward of the “Our Daily Magic” brand with my husband, I embody M.A.G.I.C. (Miracles And Grace In Co-creation).

To the One who is reading this, “I believe in you. You are magic.”

I am committed to raising the consciousness of the planet, redefining leadership across all fields, and guiding people to manifest their inspired visions into reality.

Also, I enjoy creating, art, conscious living, reading, and traveling, and I am known for my infectious laugh. 😊”

Join Us, for Inspiration, Joy and Laughter.

What We Will Be Exploring Together

Kai’s Magical Journey and:

  • Simple practices to cultivate awe: Learn how to shift your perspective and find the extraordinary hidden in the ordinary.
  • The power of intention: Discover how to infuse your daily routine with purpose and create moments of joy.
  • Finding the magic YOU hold: Uncover some unique ways you can express your creativity and bring a little more sparkle to the world around you.

When and Where?

22nd July 2024 “Live Online” BST 5.30pm EST 12.30PM

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✨✨Don’t miss this opportunity to ignite the magic within!✨✨

Rosemary Roberts

Rosemary has been developing and practicing her moving meditation teacher training program since 2000 and in 2017 transitioned into teaching it as part of her therapeutic somatic practice for women.  Rosemary is passionate about self mastery through self responsibility.

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