Day 1 Preparation – My Healing Journey

Preparation Is Key

90 Day Self-care Experience

Welcome to the first series of blog journals about my 90-day healing journey. I have decided to share aspects of my healing journey as a means of accountability and in the hope that you may receive meaningful insights that may inspire your journey.

We are going to begin with Preparation. Being prepared will allow me to assume the vibration of change with the knowing that all that I need is in place.

Getting prepared is not just about physical preparation, it is also about being emotionally, mentally and spiritually prepared.

Effective preparation is the key to my ability to remain focused and committed on this journey.

Non-negotiable Self-care Habits

On this 90-day healing journey, preparation Of my physical, emotional, mental, spiritual self and environment is a positive non-negotiable action.

This preparatory stage is going to assist me in anchoring my intentions and to ensure that I provide for my initial foundational needs as I embark on this journey.

Purpose Of My Healing Journey

The reason for this healing journey is to address specific physical imbalances that I am experiencing. Overtime, I have noticed that my mobility and flexibility has become limited and the feeling of exhaustion has caused me to want to firstly learn from my experience and to come into alignment and balance.

Why 90 Days?

90 days is a great timescale to begin with. It is not too long or too short. It is long enough to see consistent effort translate into noticeable change and for me to begin to feel the positive effects of implementing new self-care habits. 90 days will also help me to identify areas that need more focus and adjust my approach if needed.

Self-reflections and Intentions – Preparation Process

As part of my Day 1 Preparation on my healing journey, I will be conducting a self-assessment and self-inquiry process to identify my self-care approach and to gather what I need to prepare through completing my own Radical Self-care Journal. Followed by setting powerful intentions : What do I hope to achieve in 90 days and why?

All transformations begin from the indwelling urge of becoming true to who you truly are and as such, self-honesty is the alchemical gold in this process of self-awareness and discovery. We all have unique “Soul Intentions” awaiting our embrace and embodiment. This 90-day healing journey is an honouring of this.


The one vital element of this journey is my meditative practice. This 90-day healing journey is a journey into self and through my meditative practice I will discover all that is needed for me to become completely balanced, aligned and in harmony with my nature and my spirit.

This is a journey of complete surrender to all that is within me. Healing from within and trusting my inner teacher. I am choosing to focus for 90 days in a deeply intimate devotional way, simply because I am curious to see and experience what can be achieved in terms of self-transformation in this time frame.

There are many styles of meditations some of which I will feature in another blog post. Guided meditations are highly beneficial in terms of accessing your subconscious state and seeding new ideas and behaviours within your subconscious. You can join my free Goody Moves Subscriber Hub and experience guided meditations for yourself.


Expanding my consciousness is a journey – spiraling, unfolding process. Journaling will be a valuable tool on this path. Journaling for introspection, exploring new perspectives, and cultivating mindfulness, will broaden my understanding of self and the world around me.

Divine Nutrition

I will not be following any particular diet. I will be choosing fresh electric foods and high frequency waters to cleanse, clear, nourish, replenish, regenerate and nurture my whole being and adopting periods of fasting for purification.

The Intelligence within me, knows just what is needed and through my meditative every moment state of awareness, all will be unveiled and I will honour what rises through me, this is the sacred journey of love healing.

Herbal Healing Consultation

I will be consulting with a qualified herbal practitioner, to explore the potential benefits of herbs in a safe and informed way, potentially leading to improvements in my energy, mobility, and my overall well-being.

Sacred Space

I have chosen a beautiful, yet quiet space within my home for my private intimate pondering, meditations, self-care acts of love and transformative journaling. For the first few days, I will be cleaning and clearing my physical space in symbolic reflection of clearing and cleaning my internal goody (body).

Goody Moves

Gentle, intentional, Qi balancing movements will be highly beneficial on this healing journey. I will be incorporating my Goody Moves – Moving Meditational practice that integrates slow physical movements, breathing techniques, focused intentions and meditations to gather, store, cleanse, strengthen, and circulate the vital energy within my goody (body).

Sun Healing and Nature Re-alignment

Our whole being is one with nature and somehow, we have allowed ourselves to be so out of touch with the love magic of nature and its healing abilities. Being in nature has so many physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits, so I will dance, sing and commune with nature for the joy of it. This is really important to me as it has been a challenge to be in nature due to some limitations in my mobility and today, I vow to transcend these limitations.

Aligning with the sun will rejuvenate my inner sun which is the container of my inner joy. Just as the trees, plants and all life elevate under the healing rays of the sun, so do we.

Music and Mantra’s

Through the magic of entrainment and affirming vibrations of music and mantra’s, my state of being shifts easily and peacefully. From a very young age music and singing has held a significant meaning to my life. I have always felt the healing power of voice and it is time to re-awaken this natural healing gift unapologetically. In preparation for my healing journey, it will be fun to gather the types of musical frequencies that makes my heart sing.

This is just a glimpse of some of the things that will assist me along the way. How I start the day is how I heal my way. Who I choose to be is how I will also create.

As I journey, I will be sharing my experiences and document insightful healthy habits along the way.

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What’s Inside?

The Radical Self-care Journal contains several sections that allows you to focus on your self-care practice holistically.

Sections Within The E-Book

  • What Fills Your Cup?
  • Self-care Energy Wheel Assessment
  • Physical Self-Care
  • Emotional Self-Care
  • Mental Health Self-Care
  • Spiritual Self-Care
  • Self-Care Goals and Progress Tracker
  • Daily Diary (one week)

Rosemary Roberts

Rosemary has been developing and practicing her moving meditation teacher training program since 2000 and in 2017 transitioned into teaching it as part of her therapeutic somatic practice for women.  Rosemary is passionate about self mastery through self responsibility.

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