Blooming – Awakening The Wild Woman Within

Awakening The Wild Woman Within

The Beginning

Feminine Flow Series

When it all began

I was in a maths exam in the final year of secondary school, when the Awakening The Wild Woman Within began, but I did not know that yet. I felt scared, as maths and I just was not friends… Yet something else was bothering me but I could not quite put my finger on it. All that I knew, I felt miserable and a sense of defiance rose through me.

What was this feeling? why was I feeling it? I did not feel it was connected to the exam. It felt like a roaring lion bubbling through me.

As I sat for my exam, an overwhelming feeling to cry came over me and the funny thing was, I could not hold it back. My tummy was bubbling and I felt the urge to go to the bathroom.

I could no longer concentrate and I decided to forfeit the exam. I just could not do it and I simply just let it go.

I put my hand up, so I could be escorted to the bathroom and as the invigilator escorted me, I felt her place my coat around me from behind. I wondered, what is going on? As I turned to face her the coat fell to the ground. I bent down to pick it up, then suddenly a sharp piercing pain surged through the area around my womb. It was then that I heard chuckles from a few girls sitting for the maths exam. They were laughing and directing it at me.

What was they laughing at? As I moved towards the door, I felt a wetness between me… What is going on? I thought that maybe I was peeing…so I turned my head to look to see if any wetness had seeped through my clothes.

Horror struck me immediately…. I saw blood. I was wearing white and there was nowhere to hide. I felt completely embarrassed and humiliated.

I stormed out of the examination room and began running for dear life and I did not stop until I got home.

A thought dawned within my mind. Is this my period?… I was filled with fear and anger. Why did my mummy not tell me? Why did she not tell me what I needed to do and what to expect.

It was her fault!

It also dawned within me, that with all the women that surrounded my life, not one word about menses, or womanhood uttered from their mouth into my delicate, vulnerable ears.

Anger overwhelmed me … How could this be happening? The anger injured me deeply and this is when the Awakening The Wild Woman Within me was born.

To be continued….

Best listened to with headphones. Enjoy!

Awakening The Wild Woman Within

Awakening the Wild Woman Within is a metaphorical concept that refers to embracing the untamed, powerful, and instinctive aspects of femininity. It’s about reconnecting with a primal sense of self that may have been suppressed by societal expectations or life experiences

Reclaiming Intuition and Power:

Pure and FREE!

The Awakened Wild Woman Within is deeply connected to her intuition and inner wisdom. She trusts her gut instincts and doesn’t shy away from expressing her power.

Celebrating Sexuality and Creativity:

The Awakened Wild Woman Within embraces her sexuality as a source of life force and creativity. This isn’t about conforming to societal beauty standards, but about owning one’s body and expressing oneself authentically.

Embracing Shadow and Light:

The concept acknowledges that the Awakened Wild Woman Within encompasses both light and shadow aspects. This means embracing our fierceness and strength alongside our vulnerability and compassion.

Awakening the Wild Woman Within is a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. It’s about reclaiming our wildness, embracing our intuition, and living life authentically and on our own terms. It’s not about becoming someone else, but rather about rediscovering the powerful, untamed woman we already are within.

In this blog post, I have included an audio story called BLOOMING from Menses To Menopause. That describes briefly a 10 year old little girl called Amara experience of Menses to Menopause.

I know that many women share a similar type of story at the beginning of their menses journey as I have and it is my intention to explore how this has impacted my life. Our life.

I intend to share a liberation story of how to take our spirit of our beautiful womb magic, back so that we can experience the blissfulness of our beautiful wombs.

I invite you to Check out my website! just to get a feel of what I offer and see how I may be of service to you.

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Rosemary Roberts

Rosemary has been developing and practicing her moving meditation teacher training program since 2000 and in 2017 transitioned into teaching it as part of her therapeutic somatic practice for women.  Rosemary is passionate about self mastery through self responsibility.

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