Goody Moves

Goody Moves is a Moving Meditation practice designed to assist you in cultivating a union between body, soul and mind by expanding your consciousness, enhancing your health and vitality through a series of physical movements, stretches, meditation, mantras and deep breathing techniques.

Rosemary Roberts

 I am one with the universal source of all life, and I am motivated and passionate about harmonising the yin and yang energies, through love, compassion and natural living.

I enjoy assisting others to be all that they can be through Ancient Divine Beautiful Love Healing, Soul Liberation Techniques, Sacred Singing, Energy Medicine, Sacred Dance, Shakti-Pati Tantric Guru Yoni Breathing, Embracing Your True Expression Through Assertiveness Coaching.
Experienced and Qualified Meditation Teacher and Teacher Training 100-hour & 200-Hour Certificate
Facilitator. 200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and Soul Plan Practitioner.