Moving Within Inner Peace

It's All Within

How we think and feel within is what will create our every day experience.

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Embrace Your Inner Peace

26 Years Ago

Goody Moves a Moving Meditative Lifestyle was born.  Inspired by a deep yearning to experience a deeper connection with our Goody, Mind and Spirit.   

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“Your Goody Is Intelligent, It will reflect to you what you have placed within it”

IB Rootsc

“My Inspiration”

I have always been into fitness, dancing and meditation, which enables me to cultivate a deeper inner connection.  Knowing the benefits of having a moving meditation practice that promotes well-being it became my inspiration and my desire to share it with other people from all age groups.  In my spare time, I love to read inspirational material, write poems and self development articles. 

“Your Goody Responds To Your Voice”

IRose Rootsc

“My Joy”

I have cultivated a personal practice of Inner Love Moving Meditation, Singing and Chanting for more than 20 years.  Gifted with the ability to feel the vibration of a person’s soul expression through the quality of their sound and their movements, has developed my passion in assisting others to experience the joy of being in love with life and shining and sharing their light into the world.