7 Day Radical Self Care

Are you ready to move forward into the next chapter of your life?

Are you ready to become the BEST VERSION of yourself? Are you ready to take complete responsibility for you?

Are you ready to release the emotional weight you’ve been holding onto?

Come closer, let me show you how this 7 Day Self Care Experience can help you.

Gift yourself our ” 7 Day Radical Self Care” Experience.

Each day will be filled with activities that will encourage you to eliminate fear, limiting belief’s and unhealthy habits.

Each day you will be invited to embrace & embody the beauty that is within you.

Are you ready to plant new seeds of love within you?  Embrace, Embody, Explore.

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What’s Included:

  • Daily Goody Moves Practice
  • Daily Fear Relasing Activities
  • Nutrtional Guidance
  • Self Care Rituals
  • Innate Values Assessment
  • Automatic Journal Writing
  • Sacred Spaces and so much more…….

Join me on this beautiful “7 Day Radical Self Care Experience” from the comfort of your home. You are invited to set aside these 7 days for you. See it as a beautiful, most sacred gift to yourself to be and do the things that you have longed to do for a very long time but just haven’t been able to.

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7 Day Radical Self Care

This time is completely for you… and you deserve it!!!!

I can guarantee that if you come to yourself with willingness and open to explore your inner realm, dilligently,  you will experience a level of transformation and a new way of being that you will never want to let go of.  It all depends upon YOU and your approach to YOU.

Self Love is Never, Ever Selfish !!!! Embrace this and be free.

A major aspect of your 7 Day Radical Self Care Experience is  your ability to release…Letting go…. of beliefs that are not true and replacing it with what is real and wholesome.  Allow yourself to be enchanted by the truth of who you are.  Let us journey together and unveil your magic.

A few days before this experience, you will receive your preparation emails, desgined to align you with your intentions and heat’s desires.

You will be invited to explore 6 key areas within your life. Inner listening, Inner Seeing, Your Voice of Power, Your Healing Mind, Your Healing Body, Your Lifestyle.

You will be introduced to self healing tools designed to assist you in taking responsibility for all areas of your life.

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