Goody Moves – Moving Meditation 12 Weeks Course

We help women and men let go of fear, release stress and tension and move into a healthier lifestyle.

Next Course Begins In October 2021

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“Self development requires self responsibility”

12 Weeks of deep intimacy

During this course, for 12 weeks you will walk the path of inner devotion and discover aspects of yourself that will lead you to embracing your innate power

This is an experiential program that will begin to transform your lifestyle right from the start.  Are you ready?

Assist others in elevating their life

Transform your life from within and guide others in their own personal transformation.

The beauty about this course is that you will emerse yourself in your own personal practice which is the one vital aspect in becoming a mentor or  teacher.  Book a discovery call

What You Will Learn

  • Understanding and experiencing how a moving meditation practice can promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing


  • Understanding & experiencing how to access your own life – force energy for self-healing


  • Understanding and experiencing the power of the breath in cleansing, clearing and reprogramming the mind, body, nervous system and so much more
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  • Learning how to release excess and or stagnant energy from within your body/mind and experiencing how to cultivate and maintain a vibrant energy flow within


  • Cultivating a strong, grounded foundation within yourself whilst working through addictions & traumatic experiences


  • Introduction to anatomy & physiology as it relates to moving meditations
  • Introduction to the 10 subtle energetical


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You will receive 6 Beautiful Moving Meditation Music to move and flow with as you practice

1 Goody Moves T-shirt and Guidance Booklet


Course Outline

  • 12 Online Teaching Classes
  • 12 Weekly PDF Study Guides
  • 3 Therapeutic Love Calls
  • Wisdom Of Goody Moves
  • Daily Meditation & Journalling
  • Meditation Music Download
  • 6 Guided Meditation 
  • Soul Clearing Meditations
  • 12 Assignments
  • Anatomy & Physiology & Quiz
  • 3 Practical Sessions
  • 1 Soul Plan Reading & Guidance
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • 10 Goody Moves Healing Postures
  • The Power Of Mudra’s & Mantra’s
  • Breath Awareness & Its Power
  • Subtle Bodies, Meridians, Chakra
  • Developing Intuition
  • The Power Of Your Voice
  • Cultivating Your Life-force
  • Healing Hands
  • Trancending Limiting Beliefs
  • Power Of Understanding 
  • Values & Innate Feelings
  • Feminine Embodiement
  • Yoni Breathing Technique
  • Mirror Work
  • 3 Meditation Practicals
  • Essential Oils & Flower Remedies
  • Vibrational Medicine
  • 5 Elements
  • Universal Life-force Healing
  • Sacred Space
  • Bio Touch Healing
  • Postures To Heal Nervous System
  • and so much more…….

Inner Love Awareness

Your inner energy does not need anything to be itself, to flow in grace.  All that is equired is your open lightness of heart awareness.  These practices helps you to elevate your mind and open your heart’s love connection.

Are You Listening

I share these beautiful practices to assist you in releasing any entanglements and distortions within your consciousness, that limits your ability to truly be.  Vulnerability is your gift, Treasure it, surrender to love.

Goody Moves T-shirt’s

Featuring 10 physical movements & stretches

Top quality, beautifully designed, value for money t-shirts.  Made from 100 % cotton.  Long lasting prints that will not fade.

Plus a guidance booklet on meditation & deep breathing exercises.

Available in a variety of sizes & colours.  Medium, Large, X Large & XX Large


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Client Feedback

Rosemary is phenomenal.  I have been working with Rosemary for about a year and from the moment that we met, Rosemary has infused so much joy and excitement into my life through her natural ability to see and bring out the best in me, especially during challenging circumstances.


March 2021 – London

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