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Experiential Course


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Next Course Begins In October 2021

Teacher Training

Be open to your sensory experience through sacred incense and smuging


Teacher Training

Transformation is an inside process, Shift your awareness to love

Inner Prayer Is Healing

Teacher Training

Rise with the rising sun. How you start your day, is how you heal your way

Nature Loves You

“To walk the path of transformation requires the willingness to let go of what is hurting you”

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Scripting Your Guiding Meditations

You will be guided to create your own guided meditations and deliver 6 assessed meditations classes.  This is a fundemental aspect of becoming certified.

Your Practical Assessments

You will be practicing the fundementals of Goody Moves Moving Meditations and its benefits and you will be expected to deliver assessed classes

Embrace Your True Expression

Your voice is your power of creation.  Who you think you are will directly affect the quality of your voice of power.  During this course you will begin to understand how to embrace your voice of power and embody it’s healing ability.

  • Healing sounds produced at the highest love frequency, whether it be vocal or created by instruments can soothe and nourish your neurological system, promoting wellness.  During this course we will begin to explore this wisdom.


Download Course Details And Application Form

Goody Moves T-shirt’s

Featuring 10 physical movements & stretches

Top quality, beautifully designed, value for money t-shirts.  Made from 100 % cotton.  Long lasting prints that will not fade.

Plus a guidance booklet on meditation & deep breathing exercises.

Available in a variety of sizes & colours.  Medium, Large, X Large & XX Large


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How we can work together

Goody Moves can nourish and nurture your transformation

Goody Moves

We can work 1:1

We offer bespoke 1 : 1 mentorships and love guidance services, delivered face to face, online and via telephone sessions

Goody Moves

Group Workshops

Book on one of our group workshops to join one of our specialists programs

Goody Moves

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We offer a variety of accredited courses designed to assist with your personal and professional development

Client Feedback

Rosemary is phenomenal.  I have been working with Rosemary for about a year and from the moment that we met, Rosemary has infused so much joy and excitement into my life through her natural ability to see and bring out the best in me, especially during challenging circumstances.


March 2021 – London

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