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Reclaim The Joy In Your Life

“I help women let go of fear, release stress and tension and move into a healthier lifestyle.”

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Inner Peace

Embrace the beauty of your inner world whilst engaging with the outer world.  I hope you enjoy this gift

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Energise Your Life

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These are not just t-shirts.  They are inspirational gifts for you and your loved ones

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Are You Ready For Change?

Do you find it difficult to slow down and give yourself the space  to truly care for yourself?

Goody Moves will help you to re-connect to the peace and stillness within you.

Transform Unhealthy Habits

Have you been feeling that you have neglected yourself whilst caring for others?

It’s never too late to change habits that no longer serve you.  Let us assist you.

Why I know I can help you

Unique Energy Assessments To Guide You

My client’s, always express how lifted and enchanted they feel after just one session.  What I offer to you is uniquely for you.  Together we will create a holistic program designed to transform your life day by day.

Weekly Evaluations To Measure Effectiveness

Love Guidance To Deal With Immediate Issues That Needs Discernment

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“Goody Moves to me is a god sent.  The name first got my attention and also the figures on the lovely T-shirt were so unique I had to find out more about this company so i contacted Rosemary and she made me realise the importance of moving good and introduced me to face time zoom. The price is affordable so I immediately enrolled on her one to one moving meditation course, purchased my lovely green and black T-shirt.
which I got at a discounted price plus my free instruction booklet.  I am now on my sixth week of goody moves exercises.  I find I can now breathe deeper and I am more flexible and relaxed after each session.  I have now got all the colours of the T-shirts and wear them proudly everywhere.  Thanks Rosemary for your patient friendly tuition.  One thing though, you will see the results when you practice consistently.
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Robert. June 2020

What Is Goody Moves ?

It’s Not just a moving meditation… It’s a holistic Lifestyle

Goody Moves

is a practice that integrates slow physical movements, breathing techniques, focused intention and meditation to gather, store, cleanse, strengthen, and circulate the vital energy within the body.  To, “Know Thyself” is the heart of this practice & lifestyle


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The Beauty Of a Goody Moves Practice is that there are many people who endure a limited mobility and we have designed energy movements unique for you.

Goody Moves practice leads to better health and vitality, a tranquil state of mind and higher self-awareness.

Goody Moves is simple, yet with profound effects on Mind, Body and Spirit.  It is easy to learn, enjoyable to do and suitable for all ages and capabilities.


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Prayer Woman
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Are You Ready To Go Deeper?

“Real transformation will only occur when we are ready to look at what is lurking in the shadows of our consciousness and reconnect with the truth of who we are.

Goody Moves Moving Meditations will encourage you to delve deep into your  innate knowing to recover your hidden jewels that will help you to create a life filled with ease and greater joy.”

It’s time to improve your body’s flexibilty & vitality?

Some of the benefits that can be derived from the regular practice of Goody Moves is that it can:

Reduce stress, bring balance to your energy centres and pathways, (chakras and meridians), releases emotional and physical stagnation.

Relaxes the mind, muscles, tendons, joints and inner organs.

Improves posture, balance, flexibility, circulation, strength, stamina, vitality, blood pressure, cholesterol and hormone levels, kidney function, digestion, immune function and mental acuity.

and so much more……

“Rosemary Is A Breath Of Fresh Air”

(Florence – London)

It Begins Within You

Begin your inner exploration with a daily Goody Moves practice.  Tune into the TRUTH that is within you ….. Allow yoursef to feel into you….  You Are LOVE

Are You Listening

Unlock the wisdom that your body is communicating.  If you deeply listen you will hear its voice. Allow yourself to feel without the fear.  You Are TRUTH

How we can work together

Goody Moves can nourish and nurture your transformation

Goody Moves

One To One

We offer bespoke 1 : Goody Moves, One to One sessions delivered face to face, where available or online.

Goody Moves

Group Workshops

Book on one of our group workshops. Delivered face to face and online

Goody Moves T-shirt’s

Featuring 10 physical movements & stretches

Top quality, beautifully designed, value for money t-shirts.  Made from 100 % cotton.  Long lasting prints that will not fade.

Plus a guidance booklet on meditation & deep breathing exercises.

Available in a variety of sizes & colours.  Medium, Large, X Large & XX Large


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Client Feedback

Rosemary is phenomenal.  I have been working with Rosemary for about a year and from the moment that we met, Rosemary has infused so much joy and excitement into my life through her natural ability to see and bring out the best in me, especially during challenging circumstances.


March 2021 – London

Thank you Rosemary Roberts I’m loving my goody moves t shirt and guidebook. Beautifully presented with special details quick delivery it feels great on. Love this colour. I wear it with honour and feel the blessings you place upon it.???


June 2020 – London

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