Moving Into A Healthier Lifestyle

Moving Meditation

We help men and women  to align with their life force energy to release fear, stress and tension in their Goody (body) so that they will experience more ease.

Embace Your inner Peace

Guided Meditation

Release fear, stress and tension through this guided relaxation meditation.  Learn how to return to ease, even through adversity today.

How We Can Help You!

“Your Inner Energy  Is Your Teacher”

Goody Moves One To One

Goody Moves 1 To 1

Activate Your Inner Power through simple movements whilst engaging your transformative breath.

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Goody Moves Group

Friends and Families Moving Meditation group sessions.  Practice together and enhance your connection.

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Goody Moves Shop

You can Get your inspirational t-shirts, caps and moving meditation guidance booklet, here.

“Tiny lifestyle changes can create ease in your Goody and peace in your mind”

Goody Moves Team!

“Restore, Rejuvenate, Regenerate”

Goody Moves One To One


I can help you to understand the connection between your lifeforce energy and its impact on your health and wellbeing. Joyful Being

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IB roots

I can help you to re-connect with the original sense of who you are through practicing the Goody Moves Moving Meditation.